Admiral Style Fridge Freezer Potential Issues

Please see below for potential issues related to Frostfree fridge freezers and American style refrigerators.

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Noise/Bubbling/Crackling Sound: This is normal it is the refrigerant gas circulation through the refrigerator coils to cool or freeze products in your fridge freezer.

Door Alarm: Beeping Sound: Check to make sure your refrigerator doors are completely closed. If this continues it could indicate a fault that your refrigerator is not keep to the required temperature.

Loud Crackling Noise Periodically: Defrost heater heats up during defrost cycle. This heating process and temperature changes leads to contraction and expansion of the pipework.

Noisy Refrigerator Fan Motor: This can be caused by iced build up to the fridge fan leaning or touching trim parts causing the motor windings to vibrate against the fan crawling.

Cooling Problems: System Fault Alarm: This alarm is activated if after the compressor start up, the evaporator sensor does not detect a temperature decrease from 4.5'c to 0'c within a set time. This time varies depending on the external sensor temperature.

Sensor Fault Alarm: A sensor fault is signalled by flashing temperature indicator LED and acoustic alarm. A sensor is considered open circuit if the control detects an NTC resistance value higher than 200 Kohm and short circuit if lower than 400 Ohm.

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